Jun 28

Sevde’s first triathlon experience

My First Triathlon Experience

I woke up early, had my breakfast and headed to the train station thinking of how the race was going

to be. Everyone in the team helped me a lot by telling how to do transitions, giving tips and so on… I

felt a bit overwhelmed but at the same time I was calm and relaxed because I was going to race

for fun and experience. When we reached the area and got ready for everything I was feeling

the rush in my body and when we started, that feeling kept me going. I couldn’t control my

breathing during the swimming due to the cold water, so I kept my pace slow and steady. Then I went to

the transition zone and switched to cycling, which wasn’t that easy to do in the beggining. It took

time for my body to get used to the shift and I couldn’t speed up so much because of that. When

I finished cycling, I was already exhausted and I didn’t think that i would be able to finish it. Nevertheless, I

switched to running and kept going. My muscles were screaming for a rest but I was like ‘I can

finish it! It is only 5k of running then I will hydrate, eat, rest’ and that’s how I kept myself motivated.

When I finished, I was having a bunch of different feelings: happiness, soreness,

dehydration but mostly I was feeling very proud that I managed to finish my first triathlon. The best

thing after the race was to see my team members and to talk with them about how the race

went. We also had a massage right after, which totally relieved me. Like I said, I went to race for fun

and experience and I had both! After experiencing the race I became more conscious about

triathlon and how to adapt, increase my endurance and technique for the races. I will definitely

continue training and doing triathlon when I go back to Turkey and I owe many thanks to Aloha

for making these new experiences and memories possible 🙂

Sevde Buyukdogan

Sevde Amsterdam

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