New honorary member activity

Last Friday 14th of December, the Aloha end-of-year drink took place at Starworld. Secretly this was a cover for a completely different activity: an activity to celebrate that Lieke ten Hove was made an honorary member at the last GA! This is because she has been very active for Aloha and the UTT for many years both while she was a member of Aloha and even afterwards as well. Last Friday, an unsuspecting Lieke came to Starworld in Enschede where Theo told her she had become the newest honorary member of Aloha. To celebrate this, we went lasergaming at Starworld with no less than 18 people. After splitting up the group into two teams, the waging of war between team Theo (actually team Lieke) and team not-Theo could begin. After the intense and fun lasergaming we had a cosy chat after which a large group went on to the city. All in all, a very successful night!