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Aloha offers two swimming trainings per week. On Wednesday evening there is a training that focusses on improving your technique. The training is guided by a professional trainer and is suited for both experienced and unexperienced swimmers. On Monday or Friday there is another training – depending on the season and without a trainer but with a schedule – which aims to improve your endurance. From the beginning of May until October we train in the outdoor swimming pool and thereafter we train in the indoor pool (in the sports centre).

Recently, we also offer an open water training on Monday at the Rutbeek lake.

Trainers: Mariska Winter & Carolien Leussink


From April until October there are cycling trainings. We always start from the main entrance of the sports centre at 18:00 and from there we generally go to a large parking lot at an industrial park called “De Marssteden”. The trainings starts with some exercises to improve your technique. After that we train intervals. In total we cycle 50-80 kilometres during this training

During the weekly training there is attention for both experienced and less experienced cyclists and in April there are special introductory trainings for people who have never cycled on a road bike before. When you do not have your own bike yet, Aloha can borrow you a bike.

Apart from this weekly training, members of Aloha regularly agree (via e-mail or Whatsapp) to cycle together – mainly in the weekend.

Trainers: Izak Hanse, Koen Nijland & Bouke Scheltinga


Thursday evening from 19:30 until 21:00 there is an interval training at UTrack (the athletics track on campus). After a warming up we do exercises to improve our technique and speed which are followed by an interval programme. For every programme, several variations are offered and this makes the training suited for runners with different backgrounds.

Trainer: Pim Venderbosch

Core stability training

During winter, when there is no cycling training, Aloha offers a weekly core-stability training (on Tuesday). Recently, this training has continued online throughout the year.

Core-stability is very useful for triathletes as the exercises strengthen your core muscles and improve your stature which can prevent injuries and improve your swimming, cycling and running. Besides strengthening the core muscles we also pay attention to stability, mobility, coordination and flexibility.

Trainers: Izak Hanse & Lars Bossink