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Aloha is a very active association, thanks to its active members. Therefore, we invite you to become active in one of our committees. Contact the board for more information

The current composition of the committees can be found at the bottom of this page. They can also be contacted through their own e-mail address.

Bar Committee (BaCo)

This committee takes care of the organisation of Aloha’s “bar days”. During these days, Aloha has to man the bar of the sports centre. Because a part of the income goes to our association, these days are important for Aloha’s finances. This committee is also responsible for organising a course that teaches you how to work in a bar.

Batavierenrace Committee (BataCo)

This committee ensures the participation of an Aloha team in the yearly recurring Batavierenrace (a famous relay running race of approximately 200km between two Dutch Universities: Nijmegen and Twente).

Advisory Committee (CvA)

The advisory committee (College van Advies, CvA), usually consisting of more experience members, exists to advise and support the Aloha board.

Activity Committee (EC)

After hard training, of course, there must also be relaxation, which is the task of the EC. Every month they organize a fun activity such as ice skating, a pub quiz, BBQs, dinners and much more. In addition, the EC has the task of organizing the DIES (birthday of Aloha) and the traditional New Year’s dinner. So there is no shortage of fun at Aloha😊

Coconut Committee (CocoCo)

The CocoCo is the committee that is responsible for the Coconut, the quarterly newsletter of Aloha! Each quartile we gather all the events that happened within and around Aloha and write a little article on it (or ask an involved member to write it). Next to writing articles we also work on the graphical design, promotion and distribution of the Coconut.

Gala Committee

This committee organises a yearly recurring gala. In 2016, this gala was organised for the first time together with four other sports associations: Arashi, Arriba, Cabezota and Vakgericht.

Gebouwenloop Committee (AloGeBoLoCo)

Every year, this committee organises the Gebouwenloop at the University of Twente. This is a race through the University College. The parcours is complicated because of the large amount of staircases and the finish is at the 13th floor of the Horst tower.

Kanathlon Committee

This committee is responsible for organising the yearly recurring kanathlon together with D.K.V. Euros. Kanathlon is a combination of triathlon and canoeing. The race starts with canoeing, then running and ends with swimming

Financial Committee (Kasco)

The financial committee checks Aloha’s bookkeeping twice a year.

Technical Committee (TC)

The Technical Committee (TC) organises everything regarding the trainings, so we try to make sure that the trainings are good and fun. Moreover, we ensure that the loan bikes of Aloha are properly maintained and organise sporty activities such as the 5 km running test, the 500 m swimming test, and the club championships in the swimming pool. Furthermore, the TC keeps contact with the trainers and if necessary the Sportscentrum. The TC organizes yearly trainers courses such that the student trainers of Aloha can give good quality training!

UT-Triathlon Course Committee (UTT cursus)

This committee organises the yearly recurring UTT (University of Twente Triathlon) course for students and employees of the University and Saxion. This 10 week-course prepares them for a 1/8th triathlon in May.

UT-Triathlon Organisation Committee

This committee organises the famous UTT (University of Twente Triathlon). This triathlon is very popular amongst Dutch triathletes.

Members Weekend Committee (VeWeCo)

Every year, this committee organises a weekend full of fun activities for Aloha members.

Website Committee (WebCo)

This committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the Aloha website. Their editor writes short articles about Aloha activities and race results.

Committees and their members


Lotte Steenmeijer 

Tommie Verouden

Dagmar Schouteten


Izak Hanse (Commissioner of Laziness)

Dennis de Heus (Commissioner of the Klok)


Lars Bossink

Dagmar Schouteten

Dennis de Heus

Ron Kooman

Tommie Verouden

Mees Flapper

Lotte Steenmeijer

Sarah Onrust


Birgit van der Burg

Hester van Wachem

Jolien Elbers

Tommie Verouden

Lars van Balderen

Sara de Bruin 

Yasmin Nauta


Currently the Nanothlon does not have any members.


Jolien Elbers

Jessica Balm

Jose Navarro

Daan Assies 

Pim Dekker

Kanathlon Committee

Currently the Kanathlon Committee does not have any members.


Leon de Vries

Liselot Goris

Hessel van der Vegt


There is no lustrum this year 🙁


Mees Flapper

Lotte Steenmeijer

Lars Bossink

Hessel van der Vegt

Nynke Luijten

UTT Course

Currently the UTT Course does not have any members.

UT-Triathlon OC

Agata Sowa

Hein Huyskes

Mathijs Tobé

Fleur Vialle

Dagmar Schouteten


Marleen Maassen van den Brink

Mathijs Tobé

Sarah Onrust

Yasmin Nauta

Tommie Verouden


Tommie Verouden

Lotte Steenmeijer