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Honorary members

At this moment, D.S.T.V. Aloha has four honorary members.

  • Martin Bos (founder of D.S.T.V. Aloha)

Together with Peter Hoogenshuis, Jean-Paul Hofkens and Harm Scholte, Martin Bos is responsible for founding our wonderful association.

  • Patrick Hoekstra (swimming trainer)

Patrick has been active as the swimming trainer of Aloha for many years.

  • Marcel Meinema (extraordinary active member)

Marcel Meinema has been active for years withing Aloha and Stichting UT-Triathlon. He has also been active within the dutch triathlete association. Marcel was also involved in the startup of the dutch triathlon competitions.

  • Heleen bij de Vaate (professional triathlete)

Heleen bij de Vaate has put Aloha on the map as a triathlon association by competing in triathlon on an internationl level. She won Ironman Arizona in 2008 and has won many prizes on an (inter)national level.