Aloha organises during the year a variety of competitions and participates with multiple teams in the 1e Divisie and 2e Divisie of the Nederlandse Triathlon Bond (Dutch triathletics union.

Subscription for most competitions is possible via

Aloha Gebouwenloop (building run)

The “gebouwenloop” is a running event on the University of Twente. The start is in the Citadel and the race ends on the 13th floor of the Horst, all without going outside! Here you can find a detailed route description (in Dutch) See below for more information, subscriptions, results, etc.

Women’s team

            This triathlon season the Aloha ladies team has joined forces with the 1st and 2nd division team of Triathlon Club Twente, together they will form a first and second division team under the name Triathlon Team Twente. Next to the races in the team competition, the Aloha ladies will …

Men’s team

The Aloha Men’s teams of 2018 participated in the second division region North. After five nice races we managed to end up in the left column. In the season of 2019 the Men’s team will start in the second division again. Posts about the men’s team:

Time trial

The Aloha time trial is part of the UTTC (Universiteit Twente Tijdrit Competitie), which is organised together with Klein Verzet and Skeuvel. The Aloho time trial is the second time trial in the competition and takes place in june. The round is 8.4 km als is known as ‘Rondje Losser’. Signup is possible via the …


Being founded in 1983, the UT-Triathlon (UTT) is one of the oldest triathlons of the Netherlands. Nowadays the UTT is amongst the largest triathlon competitions of the Netherlands. In 2014, 689 triathletes subscribed for the competition, a record number. The UTT is a competition over a short distance, 1/8th Triathlon. It consists of 500 meter …