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Trappenloop & Gebouwenloop (staircase and building run)

Friday 17 June it’s finally time for the Aloha Gebouwenloop X Kronos Trappenloop. Previously, this event was known as the NSK Trappenloop. But unfortunately, we were not allowed to use this name anymore. This does not change anything to the content of the event nevertheless. This year, it will take place in Enschede. At the campus of the university of Twente, organised by athletics association D.A.V. Kronos and triathlon association D.S.T.V. Aloha.

There will be several events, where it’s possible to win prizes in multiple rankings. 

  • Trappenloop (staircase run): At the trappenloop, participants will run from the Horst basement till the final stage. This covers more or less 12 stages.
  • Gebouwenloop (building run): The gebouwenloop is a well-known concept at the Twente university. This is an event that has been successfully organised by Aloha for multiple years. The start is in Ravelijn, and the parcours runs through 5 different buildings that are connected by walking bridges. The finish is all the way on top of the 12th stage of the Horsttoren. 
  • Gebouwenbeest (building beast): The gebouwenbeest competition could be won by the participant who is best dressed during the run.


The start of the gebouwenloop is at 18:30
The start of the trappenloop is at 19:15

At the gebouwenloop and trappenloop, there will be made use of accurate starting lists. When the subscriptions close, the starting lists will be mailed to the participants. Keep a close look on those lists, because every second that you lose at the start will be added up to your end time.

After all the participants have accomplished the gebouwenloop and trappenloop, there will be an opportunity for participants and volunteers to have dinner close to the party location. The participants’ fee for this dinner will not exceed 10 euros per person. 

As usual at a student event, there will be a party afterwards. This will take place on the one and only bar of the campus: the Vestingbar. It will be a themed party, namely: ‘’Back to the ‘00s and ‘90s.

Overnight stay and breakfast
For the participants that live further than Enschede, there will be a possibility to stay overnight with a tent on campus. Therefore it is important to bring your tent. A breakfast for the morning after is included. The fee for both the overnight stay and breakfast will not exceed 3 euros. 

You can register for the Building run and Trappenloop via this form. In this form, you could also indicate whether you are going to eat and sleep on campus. About a week before the start of the event, participants will receive a mail to finish the payments.

The start of the gebouwenloop will be in the campus building Ravelijn, Hallenweg 17, Enschede
The start of the short trappenloop and the finish of both events are in the Horsttoren, De Horst 2, Enschede

Travel information
The campus of the University of Twente is quite well available through public transport. From the train station Kennispark, there are direct bus connections with the campus. The match, dinner and party all take place at the campus, which is well available by walking. 

A match cannot be held without the help of volunteers. Does stair climbing not suit you at all? Then register for volunteering through the next link: 

Information and contact
Additional information will be shared via this website, the mailbox of participants and our Instagram page @nsk_trappenloop. For questions or comments, please contact

We all hope to see you there on the 17th of June!