Aloha time trial 2022

On the 21th of june 2022, the Aloha time trial was held again on the “Rondje Losser”. In total, there were 33 athletes competing for the podium.

The results:

1. Renske Janssen (0:41:00)
2. Florien Bolks (0:41:09)
3. Eva Juffermans (0:41:20)

1. Izak Hanse (0:34:17)
2. Simon Hooisma (0:34:24)
3. Alexander Delke (0:36:15)

Best debutant, women:
Florien Bolks
Best debutant, men:
Alexander Delke

We look back on a very succesfull time trial, thanks everyone for participating!

The full results can be found here:

Pictures (by Floor Kerkhof) can be found here: