Are you too hardcore for only one sport? Then join us, practice three, and get a lot of fun for free!

Online workshop

We’ll be live on Thursday the 20th! Check your IntroCloud app for more info 😱

About us

We are the student triathlon association, which means we swim, cycle and run together multiple times per week. There’s about 35 members, from absolute beginners to professional triathletes always ready to help you out. We all know each other very well – leading to many fun activities besides training, more about that later!

Below our summer training schedule can be found. As you see we’re quite a busy bunch! But don’t be scared: many people also pick and choose the trainings they want to participate in. Also, there’s always someone willing to participate in a casual running, cycling or cake eating session!

Training Day Time
Open water Mon 7 PM
Cycling Tue 6 PM
Swimming Wed 8 PM
Running Thu 7:30 PM
Core stability Sun 8 PM


Of course it’s not all about sports! We organize many fun activities during the year, like a gala, baking competition and Easter breakfast. A trip to the Alps and an association weekend are among some of our biggest adventures together!

Some impressions from the past year can be found below and on Instagram, Check us on Insta!

Quarantine cocktail contest!

Pizza party @Rutbeek!

Lustrum party!

Quarantine cake baking contest!

Some of our more sporty offerings, besides participating in (parts of) triathlons, include an annual indoor race through the UT buildings and our very own UT-Triathlon on campus. The latter attracts about 1500 visitors each year!

The 35th edition of the UT-Triathlon takes place on September the 27th, more information on


If you’d like to join a training (or three!) of your choosing, you can sign up to receive an e-mail with some more information after the Kick-In.

Already busy in the first few weeks? Still unsure if you’ll have enough time in your schedule for sports (spoilers: you do)? Feel free to sign up anyway, as you can participate in three introductory trainings whenever you want for free.


Do you have a question, suggestion or selfie you want to share? You can always contact us!