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Since the 19th of October 2021, the board of D.S.T.V. Aloha consists of Matteo Rotta (chair), Dagmar Schouteten (secretary) and Dennis de Heus (treasurer). The board members can be reached via the email addresses shown below, the entire board can be reached via

Chairman Matteo Rotta
Secretary Dagmar Schouteten
Treasurer Dennis de Heus

Former boards

Current, 32nd board (2021-2022) 31st board (2020-2021) 30th board (2020) 29th board (2019-2020) 28th board (2019) 27th board (2018-2019) 26th board (2017-2018) 25th board (2017) 24th board (2016-2017) 23rd board (2016) “Omnia frangi possit” 22nd board (2015-2016) “Bebo(a)r(e)d” 21st board (2014-2015) “Beshizzle” 20th board (2013-2014) 19th board (2012-2013) 18th board (2011-2012) 17th board (2010-2011) 16th …