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In the week of 6 to 11 October 2014, Aloha has celebrated its 4th lustrum with lots of activities.

Of course, it is nice to stay in touch with former members even when no luster is organized. Therefore, the facebook group founded for the lustrum will stay in existence and will be renamed to the Aloha alumni group. If you do not have facebook yet you do want to receive information from this group, please send an e-mail to

If you were not able to make it this lustrum yet you definitely want to be there for the next one?! Set the date, 12 October 2019 on you calendar.

LuCo 2014

Abel, Eva, Lieke en Mariska


After old traditions, during this lustrum also the fourth edition of the clubletter “the Palmboom” came out. Curious? This letter is also available here!


Maandag BeerstDivision
Dinsdag Gebouwenloop
Woensdag Club championships swimming
Donderdag Cycling match
Vrijdag Birthday party
Zaterdag Former-member day