Oct 21

Register for the Aloha Gebouwenloop!

The “gebouwenloop” is a running event on the University of Twente. The start is in the Citadel and the race ends on the 13th floor of the Horst, all without going outside! Here you can find a detailed route description (in Dutch) Gebouwenloop 23 november 2016 ! The gebouwenloop will be organized on 23 november …

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Sep 04

Introduction training

The first two weeks you can join the training moments of Aloha for free. As a final try-out we organize a mini-triathlon. Training moments:   Mini-triathlon: Wednesday, September 21st. * If you’d like to borrow a bike for cycling practice or join the mini triathlon, please contact the board (bestuur@alohatriathlon.nl or ask someone at one of …

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Jun 28

Sevde’s first triathlon experience

My First Triathlon Experience I woke up early, had my breakfast and headed to the train station thinking of how the race was going to be. Everyone in the team helped me a lot by telling how to do transitions, giving tips and so on… I felt a bit overwhelmed but at the same time I was calm …

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Apr 05

New English website!

Welcome to our new english website. We have just updated our website with some content adapted for foreign people. We hope you find it interesting and can find all the information you need. If not, please contact the board.     (more…)