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Being founded in 1983, the UT-Triathlon (UTT) is one of the oldest triathlons of the Netherlands. Nowadays the UTT is amongst the largest triathlon competitions of the Netherlands. In 2014, 689 triathletes subscribed for the competition, a record number.

The UTT is a competition over a short distance, 1/8th Triathlon. It consists of 500 meter swimming, 20 km cycling and 5 km running. The main element of this competition is the Team Triathlon, a format no other competition of similar level provided. In the Team Triathlon the participants finish the parcours in a team, so they swim, cycle and run together.

The UTT is organised by members of Aloha and is supported by the Stichting UT-Triathlon (Foundation). Every year all members of Aloha are present as volunteers, such that it will become yet another great competition. The competition takes place each year around the second weekend of May. More information about the UT-Triathlon can be found on: <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>.