Confidential contact persons

Within Aloha it is essential that every member feels comfortable. However, it can happen that you and/or someone you know encounters an unpleasant situation. So to prevent or help with these kind of situations Aloha has two internal confidential contact people.

What does a confidential contact person do within Aloha?

This person is available to listen to any personal or sensitive issues that members might be facing. This can range from anything small you just want to get off your chest, to bullying or harassment. You can contact them via Whatsapp, email or have a private conversation. The confidential contact person is not a trained professional, so they will never dispense advice on a professional level. The contact person can however refer you to a professional when encountering unpleasant situations.

The two confidential contact persons within Aloha are:

Nikita Buitenhuis

Hi! I’m Nikita and together with Daan, I am the confidential contact person of Aloha! I am there for anyone who would like to have a conversation. I am there for a cup of tea or coffee, or something stronger if needed 😉. I am here to help with any problems, complaints, or concerns you may have. Additionally, I can advise you on where to go with your question and/or problem.

As a confidential contact person, I want to ensure that the association remains a safe and pleasant environment for all members. So, if you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact me or approach me during training. Together, we can find a solution and ensure that you feel comfortable again within Aloha!

Daan Assies

Hi! I am Daan (A) and together with Nikita I am the confidential contact person of Aloha. I like to lend a sympathetic ear to those who need it so I am always open for a conversation. I cannot promise a solution but I can send you to the right people if necessary.

I am always available for issues inside or outside Aloha. You can just talk to me during or outside the training and ask for a conversation if you want. As a confidential contact person I want to offer the opportunity to vent your heart and discuss problems within Aloha.

External organizations:

Next to our internal confidential contact persons there are some external parties that members can contact. See the links below:

    • UT coaching and counseling. The University of Twente offers a variety of coaching and counseling services. If you need help with anything study related, but also personal issues or matters of unacceptable conduct you can find services here.
    • Saxion services. Saxion, the university for applied sciences, offers similar services to the UT.
    • Student psychologist. If problems last for a longer period of time, you can make an appointment with the student psychologist. Usually they have long queues, so a confidence counsellor might be a better option for the short-term.