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Cycling & spinning

Bicycle training sessions are held from March to October, depending on how long it is light at night. We leave at the main entrance of the sports center (de Hems 20). In addition to the regular training sessions, bike rides are often organized among ourselves through the joint Whatsapp group.

The training is suitable for all levels where some experience with cycling on a road bike is useful. For beginners with no cycling experience on a road bike, a separate beginners course is organized in the spring. If you do not have a racing bike, Aloha has loaner bikes that you can rent per training.

The distance of bike training varies between 50 and 80 km and is divided into beginners’ training and advanced training. Beginner training often involves cycling a lap of about 50 km and working on your technique on the bike such as riding turns and riding in a peloton. The advanced training involves cycling a larger lap, incorporating more frequent interval sessions, climbs, and sprints.

In extremely bad weather, this training is often exchanged for an endurance run through the woods.


In the winter it is dark too early and the weather often works against organizing workouts. Therefore, in the winter months, there is spinning training. Here we do intervals on the bike indoors.

Trainers: Koen Nijland, Daan Bossink, Tommie Verouden, Dagmar Schouteten, Joep Zanen & Indy van Vliet

Cycling route suggestions

A lot of (new) students are not familiar with the region of Twente, even though there are some beautiful tracks available. For this reason “koersboeken” (cycling route suggestions) have been made. The first three are already published and the fourth is under construction. They are in Dutch, but contain gpx tracks and maps to show …