EC New years dinner

— Written by Hanna Heijs Although some of you have might have already heard stories about this wonderful dinner, allow me to give you some more background stories to those snaps. Once you came through the doors of the Stall, you were welcomed by sight of the biggest variety of Tupperware, which you will only …

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Team competition 2022

Aloha! In the past year, a number of ladies and gents from Aloha participated in the Team competition. Our Alohans and Alohens travelled all across the country to participate in multiple unique races. We started the season with our very own UT-Triathlon, but also visited (among others) Groningen, Rotterdam, Zeewolde and Klazienaveen. Just like other …

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The Building run 2023 is just around the corner!

The new year has just started and that means that the next edition of the Aloha Building run is just around the corner! Participate in this unique running competition, through a vast majority of the buildings of the University of Twente and conquer the stairs in the Horst complex. The competition will take place on …

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28th DIES

Aloha!! Monday the 10th of October, we celebrated the association’s birthday (the dies), and woehoeeeh that was fun! First, we ate delicious cakes, baked by members of the EC. A lot of people were present at the dies, but luckily there was enough cake for everyone. We presume that the cakes were liked by most …

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Van der Poel Tour

After being cancelled due to rain in July (the group went to play pool instead), the EC chose another very showery evening at the start of September to finally organise the Van der Poel Tour. Luckily, the participants were not scared of some drizzle, so after filling their tummies with a nice pokébowl from a …

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Kick-In 2022

Alha, new freshmen! Haven’t you had enough of the exciting activities  during your best 1.5 weeks of introduction? (or is the introduction still going in full swing?) And are you looking for a sporting challenge?  Then you are certainly at the right place at D.S.T.V. Aloha! We offer 3 disciplines within 1 super fun and …

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Aloha time trial 2022

On the 21th of june 2022, the Aloha time trial was held again on the “Rondje Losser”. In total, there were 33 athletes competing for the podium. The results: Women: 1. Renske Janssen (0:41:00) 2. Florien Bolks (0:41:09) 3. Eva Juffermans (0:41:20) Men: 1. Izak Hanse (0:34:17) 2. Simon Hooisma (0:34:24) 3. Alexander Delke (0:36:15) …

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Aloha Gebouwenloop + Kronos Trappenloop 2022: Sign up now!

After a long waiting time, it is time for the Aloha Gebouwenloop + NSK Kronos Trappenloop again! June 17th 2022, the event will take place, so sign up quickly on the Aloha Gebouwenloop page! See you then!

Time Trial 2021

On Tuesday the 14th of September, the annual Aloha Time Trial returned to its familiar track, and wow, people were fast! On a new layer of asphalt, 33 Time Trial Heroes completed the “Rondje Losser” for three times, for a total of 25 kilometres. It was amazing to see so many debutants participated, all of …

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Kick-In 2021

Aloha, new students! 🌸 Welcome to our website! On the dedicated Kick-In page you’ll find a short introduction on our association. Below, you can register to to gain access to our sig-up list and join us for a training (or three) for free. Of course, you can already have a look at the training schedule …

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