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Lustrum registration opened

From the sunny Parc Fermé of the 38th UT-Triathlon, we would like to let you know that registration for the 5th lustrum has just been opened! We celebrate Aloha’s 30th anniversary from Monday 7 to Saturday 12 October. Click the button below to sign up immediately, or visit our brand new web page for more …

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Bingo Bos Cross

On this nice and clear Sunday morning, a large group of Alohans and Mahalos tackled a challenging (and very muddy!) trail through the forest behind the campus. The twist: the winner was not determined based on the fastest time, but their minutes and seconds were used as entries for a bingo match in the sports …

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Kick-In 2020

Aloha, new students! 🌸 Welcome to our website! On the dedicated Kick-In page you can reread our Kick-In app page. Below, you can leave your e-mail address to receive some more information on how and when you can join us for a training (or three). Of course, you can already have a look at the …

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