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We are the triathlon association for students and employees of the University of Twente and Saxion. On the 10th of October, we have existed for 30 years, which we would like to celebrate!

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Lustrum registration opened

From the sunny Parc Fermé of the 38th UT-Triathlon, we would like to let you know that registration for the 5th lustrum has just been opened! We celebrate Aloha’s 30th anniversary from Monday 7 to Saturday 12 October. Click the button below to sign up immediately, or visit our brand new web page for more …

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Bingo Bos Cross

On this nice and clear Sunday morning, a large group of Alohans and Mahalos tackled a challenging (and very muddy!) trail through the forest behind the campus. The twist: the winner was not determined based on the fastest time, but their minutes and seconds were used as entries for a bingo match in the sports …

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Cropped building run poster

Building Run: sign up now!

The next edition of the Aloha Gebouwenloop is just around the corner! On Wednesday the 14th of February, you can participate in this unique running competition through the University of Twente buildings, and conquer the stairs in the Horst complex. More information on how to sign up or volunteer can be found on the Building …

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Running test & bike clinic

On a wet Sunday morning at the end of October about 20 Alohans were looking for more water. What better place to start looking then the Witbreuksweg water reservoir. Coincidentally the TC also organised a 5 km test run from this location, so both activities were combined. Tristan already did a long distance training before …

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29th Dies

On the 10th of October Alohas 29th birthday was celebrated in the Sports canteen. Just as every year, cake was made by the EC for all members attending the Dies activity. Hanna made a beautiful Birthday cream cake. Jolien made a delicious gluten free vegan chocolate cake. And lastly in theme of Aloha, Hester and …

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Sports day activity, girl riding a bicycle while Aloha cheers her on.

Kick-In 2023

Aloha! Welcome to the website of D.S.T.V Aloha, the student triathlon association of the University of Twente. We are an association of about 80 members who have one thing in common: we love sports and fun, preferably at the same time! Almost every day of the week there is a training on the program that …

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