Results Aloha time trial 2020

The Aloha time trial, 2020 edition, was a great succes! We could not race at our usual time trial round, rondje Losser, due to road maintenance. Instead we organized the time trial at the “Rondje Beckum”, where two laps were ridden for a total of 24.9 km. There were 20 people that participated for the price of a bottle of Prosecco. In the end, the winners were


  1. Floor Metz (39:37)
  2. Mariska Winter (40:43)
  3. Jasmin Siersema (42:25)


  1. Simon Hooisma (34:35)
  2. Chris Lokin (34:55)
  3. Izak Hanse (35:25)

The price for the best debutant went to Thies Jansen. Thies rode a time trial for the first time ever, and had a fast time with 39:49.

The complete results can be found below.

Results Aloha time trial 2020