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New Year’s Dinner 2021

Last Monday, we got together with about 20 people for an online variation on the annual New Year’s Dinner! It wasn’t just any video call evening, because everyone spent the day before preparing a nice dish, resulting in five (compostable!) trays with small dishes per person. During the afternoon, the organising committee (consisting of Dennis, …

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New cycling trainer needed

Check the Dutch page for more information.


Aloha! Are you looking for a sports challenge and fun or can’t you choose which sport you want to do alongside your studies? Then choose three! Student triathlon association D.S.T.V. Aloha will be present at the opening market on Wednesday August 21st from 10:30 to 14:30 at the Carillonveld of the University of Twente to …

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Aloha in the mountains

At the beginning of August a group of Alohanen left Enschede for the beautiful Embrun in the French Alps for a two-week vacation. Here, of course, people swam, cycled and ran, but there was also time for board games, hiking, rafting and chilling in the pool or at the lake. At the end of the …

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Registration UT-triathlon course 2019 opened!

Always wanted to compete in a triathlon, but never knew how to start training? Then the D.S.T.V. Aloha UT-triathlon course is meant for you! In 10 weeks time we will prepare you for the UT-triathlon, in which you’ll have to swim 500m, cycle 20km, and run 5km. There is a limit of participants of 12 …

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Introduction trainings

During the first two weeks of the third quarter there are open trainings at Aloha triathlon. You can be completely new to cycling, running and swimming or already an established triathlete, it does not matter. The trainings will be adjusted to your level of skill. Of course, you are also welcome to attend your first …

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New honorary member activity

Last Friday 14th of December, the Aloha end-of-year drink took place at Starworld. Secretly this was a cover for a completely different activity: an activity to celebrate that Lieke ten Hove was made an honorary member at the last GA! This is because she has been very active for Aloha and the UTT for many …

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Moving website starting at 17 december

Starting at 17th of December the website will be moved to a new hosting. We are trying to make the shift as least obstructing as possible.


Vorig weekend heeft een groep Alohanen en -hennen mee gedaan aan de Springendalloop in Ootmarsum. Er werd door de prachtige, bosrijke omgeving gecrosst over afstanden van 5, 10 en 15 km. Hierbij wisten Liselot en Jasmin een eerste en tweede plek te behalen op de 5 km bij de dames en Thijs wist een derde …

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Changing of the Board

During the general assembly on Monday 30th the changing of the board took place. The new formation is as follows: Chairman             Mees Flapper Secretary             Chantal Lokhorst Treasurer             Tim Kemp     If you have any questions, feel free to …

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