Van der Poel Tour

After being cancelled due to rain in July (the group went to play pool instead), the EC chose another very showery evening at the start of September to finally organise the Van der Poel Tour. Luckily, the participants were not scared of some drizzle, so after filling their tummies with a nice pokébowl from a new place called Aloha (we were first), and of course eating some Van der Poel ice cream, they went on an epic quest. Which of the two teams could fill their bingo card first?

The EC decided that the Tour part of the Van der Poel Tour would be skipped. This resulted in the grandiose sight of two groups of Alohans running around Van der Poel in the Enschede city centre, performing various ridiculous tasks. They portrayed an ice cream cone, did bicycle tricks, tried to take a selfie with Mathieu, dipped their toes in a pool and more during the fierce one-and-a-half hour battle – all while providing proof in the form of Whatsapp photos.

Finally, everybody reconciled while enjoying some drinks over at Friends, where the group was even joined by some old Mahalo friends!