28th DIES


Monday the 10th of October, we celebrated the association’s birthday (the dies), and woehoeeeh that was fun!

First, we ate delicious cakes, baked by members of the EC. A lot of people were present at the dies, but luckily there was enough cake for everyone. We presume that the cakes were liked by most people, because the average number of pieces of cake consumed was 3.4 per person plus a lot of whipped cream not to be missed!
While people were still eating away their 3rd piece of cake, a Kahoot was of course also part of this birthday party. Team “Lars + Aanhang” brought the victory back home but I must tell you that most members know the association quite well.

Then we went by bike (like a real triathlon association of course) to the bowling centre. What was very striking is that a career in bowling can still be seen as a possible option for some people. For others, bowling once a year will be more than enough… But nevertheless, it was a lot of fun for everyone!
At the end of the evening, there was of course a party in Vestingbar. The (orange and blue!) birthday shots looked very beautiful but unfortunately not all were that tasty (not a big fan of blue curaçao with watermelon syrup but everything for the Aloha colors).

Just before 12 o’clock we picked up a birthday song and danced ourselves loose in Vestingbar until we were very tired.
What a nice birthday! Hopefully, you will all be there (again) next year!