Team competition 2022


In the past year, a number of ladies and gents from Aloha participated in the Team competition. Our Alohans and Alohens travelled all across the country to participate in multiple unique races. We started the season with our very own UT-Triathlon, but also visited (among others) Groningen, Rotterdam, Zeewolde and Klazienaveen.
Just like other years, we combined our forces with Triathlon Club Twente, so our ladies could start in both the first and second Division, and the men also started in the second Division. It was very nice to see that we could also start in our own Aloha trisuits, so that our orange and blue was well-represented across the country.
Now, at the end of the year, we look back on a very fun and succesfull season. We hope that we can participate in the competition again next year, with a lot of new Alohans and Alohens!