New year’s dinner

— Written by Hanna Heijs

Although some of you have might have already heard stories about this wonderful dinner, allow me to give you some more background stories to those snaps.

Once you came through the doors of the Stall, you were welcomed by sight of the biggest variety of Tupperware, which you will only find in a food store. The entire collection was dashed out onto three tables hiding all kinds of delicious food from view. The EC also decorated the Stall with the center piece being an arc of blue, white and gold balloons tying nicely into the dresscode. Most attendees had also incorporated this into their outfit making the whole gathering look rather festive.

Once everyone had gathered, the dinner was opened by a small speech from Tommie and the announcement that one generous soul would pay for everyones first drink, the wait was over and the cornucopia revealed.

The variety was enormous and it was evident that all the participants had made an effort to ensure a great dinner. There was pumpkin soup, pizza rolls, vegan sausage rolls, a very tasty blue cheese and pear quiche made by Jessica and Marleen, couscous salad, mushroom roll made by myself and Lotte and homemade tortilla with beans and many more. There were also some more exotic dishes prepared, in particular a package of banana leafs that hid a roll of
Mais flower filled with chicken cashew nuts and plums. For those less adventurous dinners there was Thies his signature dish: zuurkool with an Aloha twist.

Although some creativity and cooperation was required to scoop up a meal onto your plate since some of the cutlery was missing. This gave the dinner a real cosy picknick feel.

After most had finished the main course, people turned to the desserts. One of the most eye catching desserts was the beautiful apple caramel cake made by Sara for the birthday of Jessica. Sadly I could not taste it myself since it was gone in a blink of an eye, besides the fact that I am allergic to apple. The other show stopper was the tower of profiteroles. It did require some elbow grease to release the profiteroles from their tower, but the taste was excellent.

There was also a slight Tiramisu face off going on since there were two competitors. One fully formed Tiramisu and one with a different take on the traditional Italian dessert. This last one belonged to Mathijs which had a rather soup like consistency, but was still mouthwateringly tasty. One who was mistakenly included in this battle was the speculoos mouse by Jelle, which proved to also be a great succes to the point where the recipe was asked for.

Once all the bellies were filled, the conversations were flowing, and the gifts for the most contributing members to the bar shifts were rewarded. Those who were present on this exclusive list were given an Aloha engraved beer opener which also functioned as a tool to check one’s bike chain tension.

After all these were distributed to their new owners, a small beer pong table was set up on the stage where later the highlight of the evening entertainment would present itself. Alohas very own K3 consisting of Sara, Pepijn and Nikita fully costumed, choreographed and performed with true spirit. In my humble opinion, it was the most memorable take on the Aloha song I have seen thus far. I would encourage the K3 to continue on their great musical endeavors since they were immensely entertaining.

Sadly my deadline called me and I had to leave the festivities early, unable to report the great performance of 2/5 of Alohas own band the Pinapple Pizza Tommie and Lars. Luckily I had my trusted reporter Marleen, who gracefully agreed to help me out, and reported the remainder of the night.

After performing some classics from the Pineapple Pizza repertoire Tommie and Lars gallantly agreed to perform some requests. Lotte and Sara then magically acquired a pigeon trofee and some pingpongballs from the Patio and initiated some games to pass the time. Once the time had come to close of the stall, most of the attendees moved to the VB and continued the party there.

All things considered, I think we can conclude that this was a great event hosted by the EC and definitely worth repeating in the future