500m swimming test & club championships

by Mees
At the end of February, the TC organised the annual 500m test & club championships in swimming. As per usual, this was held in the indoor swimming pool at the UT, meaning short lanes and many turns.
At around 20:15, Lars v B, Reijer, Lotte, Nikita, Judith, and Angelique started off the 500m test, and posted some very nice times. In subsequent series, we saw more experienced swimmers, many of them improving previously set times. Meanwhile, the participants on the side of the pool had some cosy chats and cheered on the athletes in the water.
In the final series of the 500m test, we were treated to a display of great swimming strength. Jesper participated in the 500m test for the first time, and rose to the challenge. Posting a blistering 5:49 secured him the second place in the Aloha records, thereby being the only Alohaan faster than 5:50 in the last 20(!) years.
After finishing up the 500m test, it was time for the club championships. This consists of 5 different races; four lanes of swimming for each of the five disciplines. We had a good line-up at the start of almost every discipline, which made me very proud and happy as a swimming trainer.
The results were once again stellar, with Fleur now being at the top of all the swimming records, and Jesper taking all the records for the club championships.
To summarise, I think all people who attended can be proud, especially if you participated in a discipline you were unfamiliar with. Or, as Thijs eloquently put it “As someone who sometimes tells you to do stupid shit, I’m very disappointed in all of you (especially you Jesper… come on man), and expect you to work much harder over the next 12 months.”
I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I always do, and I hope to see you next year with even better results