29th Dies

On the 10th of October Alohas 29th birthday was celebrated in the Sports canteen. Just as every year, cake was made by the EC for all members attending the Dies activity. Hanna made a beautiful Birthday cream cake. Jolien made a delicious gluten free vegan chocolate cake. And lastly in theme of Aloha, Hester and I made a pineapple upside-down cake. This year no big activity was organised, as the spinning training was on the same day. Instead a lot of people played nice card games. After spinning training the exhausted people enjoyed the cake as well, and some joined the games. Others were just having nice chats, and drinks were served on the EC as well. Although there was no big activity organised, everyone did have fun! Next year, no EC but LuCo will organise it, as next year is a lustrum year!