Kick-In 2023

Kick-In 2023

Aloha! Welcome to the website of D.S.T.V Aloha, the student triathlon association of the University of Twente. We are an association of about 80 members who have one thing in common: we love sports and fun, preferably at the same time!

Almost every day of the week there is a training on the program that you can follow if you want. We have separate swimming, cycling, and running training sessions (because we only do all three in a row at competitions). After our training sessions, we regularly eat dessert or drink tea in the Sports Canteen.

In addition to sports, we also enjoy doing and organizing other activities together, such as skating, baking competitions, and club weekends.

Does this sound like what you are looking for in an association? Sign up for a free and non-binding intro training! You do not need to have any experience with the sport for this. You can register by clicking the button below:

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 We can be found in various places during the Kick-In, come and see us (turn your mobile to view the table in full):

Wed 23 augustus Sat 26 augustus Wed 30 augustus Thu 31 augustus
Opening’s fair Sports day Summer festival Kick-out-festival
9:30 – 15:00 12:00 – 16:30 12:00 – 16:30 14:00 – 19:00
UTwente UTwente Saxion UTwente
The Opening Fair is the start of the Kick-In. After you have registered, you can discover at the Opening Fair what the many associations of the University of Twente have to offer in the field of sports, among other things. Aloha will be here to show you more about what the association stands for with our beautiful stand.
The sports day is the place to show D.S.T.V. Get to know Aloha better! You can participate in a mini-triathlon during the sports day, bowl with coconuts, and talk to current members of Aloha!
During the Summer Festival, you can also get to know us better at Saxion! We’ll be here with our awesome Aloha booth. This orange-colored gem can be seen from far and wide and you will certainly not miss it when you go to this fair! During the Kick-Out Festival you can once again get acquainted with what student life has to offer. Here you can meet one more time with the best student sports association: D.S.T.V. Aloha! Come by and enjoy yourself all afternoon.