Running test & bike clinic

On a wet Sunday morning at the end of October about 20 Alohans were looking for more water. What better place to start looking then the Witbreuksweg water reservoir. Coincidentally the TC also organised a 5 km test run from this location, so both activities were combined. Tristan already did a long distance training before setting up the race to show everyone how fast they could be, despite the muddy conditions.

After the starting whistle all Alohans started their run in good spirits. Very quickly they realised that even with the lack of rain at the time, there would be no lack of water. The full course was covered in large pools of water and slippery mud. The nice thing about this, is that after completing the race all athletes could blame the weather conditions for their times. Which was unnecessary in the end, as both the TC and the running trainers were very happy with everyone’s fast times. After the race it was time to warm up with tea and eat some well-deserved cake made by the TC.

After lunch the TC also showed to all the new (and old) bike owners how to maintain and clean their bike. During this time the Aloha bikes were also cleaned and fixed. Even though the clinic is now done, if you have any bike related questions, you can always ask the TC!