Results Aloha UTTC time trial 2019

On the 25th of June, despite the heat, the time trial competition took place at the traditional round at Losser.

The first three men:

  1. Simon Hooisma (Klein Verzet)
  2. Izak Hanse (Aloha)
  3. Koen Wiggers (TCT)

The first three women:

  1. Rixt Hoogland (Skeuvel)
  2. Annelotte Bex (Skeuvel)
  3. Ingrid Huizinga (Klein Verzet)

Below the results of the Aloha time trial 2019 including lap times:

Results UTTC Aloha 2019

Personal interim results UTTC 2019

Association interim results UTTC 2019